Our neighbors around Kreuzberg are creatively expressing their opposition to a projected “Google Campus” afflicting their community and the extension of Google’s reach into Berlin – here is some of the street art produced by the community that we will surely see more of in the coming months before the project is actually cancelled…

Graffiti on the projected site for a “Google Campus” in Kreuzberg, Umspannwerk (some weeks ago)

A few photos of the Dec. 18 action in front of Umspannwerk, the selected site for a “Google campus”.

Photos taken and generously shared by Lause 10 / Umbruch Bildarchiv e.V.

Thanks to Bizim Kiez, GloReiche Nachbarschaft, Lause Bleibt, Vernetzungs-AG for organizing!

Seen this piece stuck *on* the projected site for “Google campus”. 10 points!

Fuck Off Google sticker on Umspannwerk, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Fuck Off Google sticker on Umspannwerk, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Join a gathering/information/protest/projections (with mulled wine) in front of the building on Monday 18th, 18:00.

in front of Umspannwerk Kreuzberg

“Fight the power, fight Google”