Don't let Google take over Berlin!

“Fuck Google!”

Graffiti on the projected site for a “Google Campus” in Kreuzberg, Umspannwerk (some weeks ago)

Pictures from 18 Dec. Action at Umspannwerk

A few photos of the Dec. 18 action in front of Umspannwerk, the selected site for a “Google campus”. Photos taken and generously shared by Lause 10 / Umbruch Bildarchiv e.V. Thanks to Bizim Kiez, GloReiche Nachbarschaft, Lause Bleibt, Vernetzungs-AG for organizing!

Fuck Off Google sticker on Umspannwerk, Kreuzberg, Berlin

*On* the Umspannwerk

Seen this piece stuck *on* the projected site for “Google campus”. 10 points! Join a gathering/information/protest/projections (with mulled wine) in front of the building on Monday 18th, 18:00.

In front of Umspannwerk, Kreuzberg

In front of the site chosen for the projected “Google campus”

Seen on Sidewalk

in front of Umspannwerk Kreuzberg

[movie] Fuck Off, Google!

From “Cinema Committee”, 2015 Download file (1280×720 hd720 , avc1.64001F, mp4a.40.2@192k)

A graffiti seen in Kreuzberg

“Fight the power, fight Google”