Decentralize All!

People shall control technology rather than be controlled by it!

We want a world where our communications and data is in our own hands, where technology can be trusted and under our control, to enable us to organize a fairer future for everyone. We want to build, organize and share the practice of such technology based on the principles of decentralized services, free/libre software and end-to-end encryption. Let’s de-googlify our lives!

We wish Berlin to become a capital for these technologies which liberate humans, instead of turning into one more colony in Google’s empire!


By organizing a collective understanding of the infrstructures of our communications, in our communities and neighborhoods, we shall take back control of our data and digital lives through decentralized services and communications.

Only by caring for our data, where it is stored and what is being done with it, we can avoid having it aggregated by those who will turn it into enormous power and inevitably abuse it…

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Software is invisible but present in every aspect of our lives. We cannot rely for our future on black boxes owned by companies like Google, where opaque algorithms will take decisions that affect us, out of our control.

Free/Libre software is an ethical vision for information technology where software belongs to the public as a common good. Everyone, as an individual or with their communities, has the possibility to use and copy Free/Libre software, but also to study it to ensure it doesn’t abuse our trust, and – if necessary – modify it learn more


Google’s business model is to know what all of their clients are doing at all time. Through the infiltrating presence of their technologies in more than 70 per cent of web sites, they get to know everybody’s behaviours and preferences online. Google is part of the NSA’s effort to record all communications anyways…

End-to-end encryption of communications puts trust in the hands of the people, without having to rely on intermediaries who can potentially read and analyse their messages.

These concepts must be learned by everyone wishing to conserve some privacy and intimacy and must become the way information should be transmited by default.

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